• Stick QR Tag to Headstone

  • Scan QR Tag

  • View Memorial Website

  • Share With Family & Friends

“Check us out on You Tube”

At Digital Legacys, we provide QR tags that you can attach to any memorial, headstone or plaque, and can be scanned by a smart phone or mobile device with internet access, that directs you to a personalized legacy web page with photo gallery and optional audio background and video to provide you with a lasting memorial.  * Memorial web page can be password protected if desired.

A QR code is a “Quick Response” symbol, that when scanned by a smart device, takes you to a web page.

 The QR tag is laser printed on durable, weather resistant stainless steel or brass.

We have established this service in memory of loved ones who have passed on.  These pages help keep the memory of our loved ones alive in our hearts, and shares with others the importance of their lives, Please visit their memorial pages, photographs, and stories. Every life is precious to all of us and everyone has a story worth remembering.

There is no better way to commemorate the legacy of a loved one, friend, special contributor or beloved pet.