How Does the QR Memorial Tag Work?

Your personalized QR Tag can be scanned by any Smart Phone or mobile device with internet capabilities. Scanning the QR Tag will link you directly to your personalized Memorial website.


Can anyone view my memorial website?

When you purchase a memorial website, you can choose to have it set to public or private. If you select private, you will choose a password to protect the website from being viewed by anyone without the password.


How can I share my website without having to scan the QR Tag?

Your personalized memorial website can be viewed from our main website, by clicking the memorials tab. Your can share your personalized website via a social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter etc., or you can e-mail your personalized link directly to your family or friends.


Can visitors viewing the memorial website add Comments?

Yes, every memorial website has a Guest Book for visitors to post comments or share memories. 


What if a visitor adds a comment that is inappropriate?

All comments submitted are held in Que until our administrator approves the comment. Then it gets posted to your website.


How long will it take for my memorial website to be created?

After you have uploaded your loved ones Legacy and Photos, your personalized website will be online within 48 hours.


Can I just purchase a Memorial Website without a QR Tag?

Yes, you have the choice of purchasing a memorial website or a memorial website with a QR Tag.  


How long does it take for my personalized QR Memorial Tag to arrive?

Please allow 7-10 days for your personalized tag to arrive.


Can I attach a QR Memorial tag to an existing monument or plaque?

Yes, you can attach a QR Memorial tag to an existing or new monument or plaque. Most Monument companies can create an area to recess your 2” x 2” QR tag on a NEW Monument .


How do I attach my QR Memorial Tag?

Your QR Tag will have an outdoor rated adhesive tape attached to the back of it; this tape is permanent and will stick to both smooth and rough surfaces that have been properly cleaned. Instructions will be provided with your QR Memorial Tag.


If you have additional questions that have not been answered above, please click here to contact us.