Tori Miller




Our beloved pet

Tori Miller,

Tori was a wonderful Labrador/Shepherd Mix,I found her one day at the SPCA where I had gone to find a new pet in need, to give a loving home to after my older Dog passed away. She was the largest and most hyperactive dog there and she kept jumping up and down and walking the fence in my opinion saying PICK ME, PICK ME! so I did. She was a year old when I adopted her. She was a wonderful addition to our family,my other dog loved her,my kids adored her and she was always by my side, Tori loved living on our farm and always followed me around. She was sweet and lovable and irreplaceable!

She became very ill and passed away from renal failure at 8 years old, after months of treatments to no avail, She is buried on our family farm under the Beautiful Maple Tree so she is always nearby,I miss her and hope to be reunited with her someday in heaven!

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