Carmine A. Carro

Play Audio Born: July 15, 1935 Passed On: February 1, 2005 Legacy: Less than 25 yards from the entrance of Brooklyn’s oldest park, called “City Park,” Carmine Carro was born on July 15, 1935. Carmine’s connection to Brooklyn Parks didn’t stop with his … Continue reading

Ransom A. Moore

Born: December 1894 at Sevier County, Sevier Tennessee, USA Passed On: About 02 May 1942 at Fort Mills, Corregidor, Philippine Islands Legacy: Ransom was born, raised, and lived in Tennessee. He was the fifth child in a brood of seven. As a 22 … Continue reading

Alfred J. Berger

Born: February 16, 1926 Passed on: November 23, 2001 Legacy: Born in Chicago, Illinois to Wolf and Dora Berger. A graduate of Hibbard Elementary, Von Steuben High School and the Monroe College of Optometry. Married to Shirlee Fenchel Berger, father of Wayne Berger … Continue reading

Milton Kazen

Play audio Born: January 9, 1930 Passed On: May 9, 2010 Legacy: Milt was a family man.  He was preceded in death by his late wife Janet, who passed away in December 1999.  He was survived by his two daughters Debra Geoghan, Nina Kerman, and … Continue reading