Billy W. Flynn




Born: 21 January 1943

Passed On: 23 January 1967

Legacy: Wall Name:BILLY W FLYNN Date of Birth: 1/21/1943 Date of Casualty: 1/23/1967 Home of Record: GREENSBORO County of Record: GUILFORD COUNTY State: NC Branch of Service: ARMY Rank: 2LT Panel/Row:14E, 70 Casualty Province: BIEN HOA

Eulogy by Bill Bergman 
When I first met Billy during the start of the Prep School, 1961 Fort Belvoir, I was a ‘cruit, freshly out of Basic. He was an icon of what I wanted to become, an airborne soldier. 
Of rock hard dedication, Billy with the rest of us fought his way through the four tough school years. And like too many of ours, he returned under a draped flag even before I got to the war. 
Even now, whenever I think of Billy, he teaches me something about how to live. 
Grip hands. 

Eulogy by Dick Murray: 
Billy Flynn personified the terms persistence and determination. Having been in a number of classroom, as well as company settings with him I can say without reservation that he taught us all that no obstacle was too large to overcome. Bill loved the Army, West Point and his classmates. Time and again Billy was our “money man” when we needed the tough, dirty job to get done. Bill was always there with a “can do” spirit and a relentlessness that shamed many of us, but it left an indelible impression on those of us who experienced his indomitable spirit. I believe Billy’s tenacity impacted legions of folks and his legacy still lives in the souls of his friends, classmates and company mates. God Bless you Billy and clear the way at Heaven’s Gates because we’ll be joining you soon. 

Eulogy by Janis Flynn-Smith 
I am Billy Wayne Flynn’s cousin. He was a hero to me,my family,our community and of course, our country. I was only 17 when he died, and I was devastated. I remember his funeral and the tragedy and sadness of that time. Janis Flynn-Smith 

Eulogy by Reggie Audibert: 
Billy Wayne Flynn was a wonderful combination of grit and kindness. He was a friend to all who had the pleasure of meeting him, and was a southern gentleman to the core with the ladies. He had an infectious grin and manner of speech that belied the determination with which he approached West Point. He wore his patriotism and military bearing lightly, often under a Puckish sense of humor, but his calling was never far from the surface; and he never left any doubts about the wonder and pride in his choice of education and career. He was an aggressive airborne soldier when that was the toughest challenge his army could issue. He was a collaborative, bright, and team-committed soldier at the USMA Prep School in Fort Belvoir. And he wore his cadet gray with visible pride. 

Eulogy by Gale Lester: 
To the family of Billy, 
I am the brother of Billy’s classmate, John Lester. He always spoke so highly of Billy, and was devastated by his passing. As you may or may not know, he and Marilyn named their second son William Wayne. John passed away in May 1995. I share your grief. Thank you for your time, Gale Lester

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